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We are one of the premier wheel alignment garages in Longton and its neighbouring areas. As a car owner, it is one’s responsibility to get your car’s wheel alignment checked regularly to keep it in its optimal condition. Misaligned wheels affect the drivability and various other critical parameters of a vehicle.

As such, you should bring your car for wheel alignment in Longton at Harvey Tyres for the most efficient professional service. We have some of the most experienced car technicians in our ranks. Our wheel alignment service is quick, effective and affordable so that everyone can avail the benefits of this essential service.

When should you avail our wheel alignment service?

Typically, we advise our clients to get their wheel alignment inspected every 6,000-7,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes earlier. The alignment of wheels gets distorted due to the regular impacts of the road. If left unchecked, it can cause a plethora of problems like:

  • Reduced mileage per litre of fuel
  • Negative impact on steering stability
  • Irregular and rapid tyre tread wear
  • Possible damage to suspension parts and engine

Bring your car to our 4 wheel alignment garage in Longton if you notice any of these irregularities. Leaving misaligned wheels unattended will only aggravate this problem and may cause a series of other severe issues.

What should you know about the service?

Harvey Tyres in Longton uses the latest alignment machines to perform wheel alignment most accurately. You may hear our technicians using some technical terms such as camber, toe and caster. They are nothing but the different suspension angles which get distorted over time.

Camber refers to the angle at which the top of your wheel tilts towards or away from the car. Toe refers to the tilt of the wheel when viewed from the top while caster is the angle of the steering axis in respect to the vertical axis of your car.

Our technicians will bring these angles back to their pre-set parameters during your car’s wheel alignment in Longton at our facility. You’ll notice the difference right away as your drive will be much smoother with a higher fuel economy.

Get your wheels aligned today

You should not ignore the wheel alignment of your vehicle under any circumstances. Even the best set of tyres won’t be able to deliver acceptable performance if your car’s wheels are misaligned.

Bring your car to our 4 wheel alignment garage in Longton today!

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