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Are you looking for Batteries for your vehicle?

One of the primary causes of car breakdowns is battery failure. It is a common problem faced by almost every motorist in Britain at some point. To make sure that you receive the most effective and affordable battery service, visit Harvey Tyres in Longton.

We offer professional battery service in this region, the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else!

Sometimes batteries repair in Longton may not be feasible or plausible at all in the first apace. You may require opting for a replacement service under such circumstances. Rest assured we use the most high-quality spare parts for replacement purposes.

Common battery issues

The battery of a car provides the initial power to ignite the combustion process through spark plugs.
It also powers all your vehicle’s electrical appliances when the engine is turned off. The ECU of your car is also reliant on your car’s battery for its operations.

As such, a plethora of problems may crop up if the battery malfunctions. Some issues that you might face because of a dying battery include:

A hard time starting your car. It’ll keep cranking without starting.

The electrical appliances like AC and radio may behave erratically.

Headlights will be dimmer than usual.

The battery case might bloat.

The best approach after diagnosing a faulty battery is to take it for batteries repair in Longton at a professional garage like Harvey Tyres.

Battery service at its best

We will thoroughly check the condition of your car’s battery before taking any decision on how to go on with its repairing. The first step is to monitor the electrical output of its cells. Ideally, output should range between 12V and 14V. Anything less than that is a definite red flag!

We’ll also check the level and condition of water inside the battery, and refill as per requirements. The terminals should also be clean and free of rust, which is something else that we will ensure.

If all else fails and the condition of your car battery in Longton is beyond redemption, you may buy an OE-grade spare from our garage itself. Every spare battery that we store adheres to the strictest quality standards of the industry. You cannot go wrong with our products or service.

Why choose Harvey Tyres?

Simply because we are best at what we do!

We can fix almost every problem you might face with your car battery in Longton. What we cannot fix simple cannot be fixed. So we replace it with top-grade after-market parts.

Call us today if you’ re having battery troubles. We are open on all business days!

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