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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

Harvey Tyres is your numero uno destination for quality tyres. Different types of tyres like all-season, summer, or winter tyres in Longton, you’ll find all the varieties at our facility. Our customers’ feedback holds high value for us, so we ensure that the tyres perfectly suit your driving criteria.

Fit winter tyres on your car

Varying seasons call for mounting different tyres on your car. Many reject the idea of changing tyres when winter falls. However, experts suggest that it’s essential to drive on specialised tyres for every different season.

Top reasons to drive with winter tyres during frigid temperatures –

  • Manufacturers add extra amounts of natural rubber in winter tyres’ tread compound. As a result, these comprises of a softer tread compound.
  • Due to softer tread compound, winter tyres retain their flexibility even at frigid temperatures. The severe colds in Longton are well capable of rendering the rubber on a tyres tread hard and unusable. However, winter tyres are right at home when the mercury falls below 5°C. Our experts at Harvey Tyres in Longton recommend these tyres to tackle freezing road conditions which are sure to throw up ice, sleet and slush.
  • Specialised tread design on winter tyres enables them to maintain traction, even on snow and ice. Presence of deep grooves between the tread blocks and numerous tiny sipes in blocks supports a generation of optimum levels of traction.

Here are some varieties of winter tyre models

Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850

  • Unique design enables superior braking and reactive steering response.
  • Reduced rolling resistance and tread erosion rate makes these a great choice of winter tyres in Longton, especially if you want above average fuel economy.

Pirelli Cinturato Winter

  • Square footprint area and regular pressure distribution to maximise dry grip.
  • Winter gear design enables excellent mobility even on severe wintry roads.
  • Ranked 3rd by Auto Express in 2016 in the winter tyre segment.
  • Competitive global eco-labelling makes these a great choice of snow car tyres in Longton but only in moderate snow.
  • Water expel accelerator design reduces the risk of aquaplaning.


  • Ranked amongst top 10 tyres in Auto Build’s 2018 edition.
  • As per independent test results, these tyres generate only 66 dB of noise at 31 miles/hour.
  • Requires a braking distance of only 36.2 m at 50 miles/hour, a number that is significantly lower than its competitor.
  • Miuri Ori 3D sipe technology delivers excellent winter performance.

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