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Are you looking for Exhaust for your vehicle?

The exhaust system of a car is its largest component barring the chassis. It is also one of the most critical ones. At Harvey Tyres, we perform a comprehensive exhaust service in Longton at a very affordable rate that you’ll not find anywhere in this region.

Any malfunction in the exhaust system is the fastest way to bring down the performance of your car. Not only is it harmful to your vehicle but it also has severe environmental consequences. Bring your car to our garage at the first sign of any exhaust trouble. Sitting on it is the worst thing that you can do under those circumstances.

Parts of an exhaust system explained

As mentioned earlier, the exhaust system is huge. It is an amalgamation of multiple components, all of which have different purposes. To understand what might go wrong with the system, you must have a rudimentary knowledge of these parts.

Listed below are the main components of your car’s exhaust system.

Exhaust manifold: Combines the fumes from all the chambers at one place.

Catalytic converter: Converts harmful fumes like NOx into relatively harmless CO2 and water vapour.

Muffler: Muffles the loud noise of the combustion process.

Oxygen sensor: Inspects the smoke for oxygen content.

Tailpipe: Funnels the fumes out in the open.

Although these components are made from high strength metals and polymers, the constant heat and pressure can take a toll on them, and they may malfunction.

It is imperative that you bring your car to Harvey Tyres for exhaust service in Longton if such a situation arises.

Signs of a faulty exhaust

You’ll notice a lot of signs that indicate that your exhaust system is not performing optimally. Some common symptoms of a malfunctioning exhaust system are –

  • There will be a drastic fall in the fuel economy of your car. Since the fumes are not being treated adequately, partially un-burnt fuel may escape.
  • You may notice smoke coming out of the tailpipe. It may be white, black, grey or even blue in colour depending on which component misfires.
  • You may hear a loud hissing sound emanating from your car’s underbelly, indicative of a leak somewhere in the system. You may also notice pools of fluid where the vehicle was parked.

Only our exhaust repair garage in Longton has the necessary equipment and expertise required to fix these issues.

Effective exhaust service at an affordable price

Harvey Tyres in Longton is a well-respected car service garage that deals with exhaust issues efficiently. Bring in your car for an exhaust service in Longton if you are experiencing trouble with this critical component of your vehicle.

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