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Perhaps there is no better example of British engineering perfection than Dunlop. Founded by, and named after, John Dunlop, the pioneering inventor of path-breaking tyre technologies, it is still going strong after more than a hundred years in the industry. Dunlop has managed to retain its leading position thanks mainly to 2 aspects:

  • Better research and development, and
  • Impressive quality of products.

Dunlop is synonymous in many countries with tyres. Dunlop car tyres in Longton are our speciality. We are Harvey Tyres, one of the leading sales and services providers for cars in Longton.

In case you have decided to purchase a new set of wheels in the next few months, think about Dunlop. The company has recently unveiled an all-new product range.

1. Dunlop’s best tyres available in the UK

We sell Dunlop tyres online too. 2018 was a very busy year for us, as we were flooded with requests for new Dunlop tyres. After all, their new range of summer, winter and all-season wheels had just hit markets worldwide. In Longton too, Dunlop’s newest models have received substantial accolades.

Here is the pick of the lot.

For summertime: Dunlop makes excellent tyres for English summers. Here are 2 of their best tyres for the sunny months.

2. Dunlop SP Sport 7000 A/S

The new Dunlop SP Sport’s latest addition is the 7000 A/S. It has outstanding traction capability with sporty features. Perhaps its most impressive feature is its excellent acceleration ratings. The latest model is meant for Sports Utility Vehicles. The 7000 A/S also has a superb design.

Dunlop Direzza DZ 102

The DZ102 is probably the most crucial addition to the Direzza range in over 10 years. With impressive features and a toughened sidewall, the DZ 102 is meant for SUVs and bigger vehicles. We sell these Dunlop car tyres in Longton at desirable prices.

For winters: Dunlop has always been ahead of its competition in the winter tyres department. It continues to shine as brightly as ever thanks to its latest debutants.

  • Dunlop GrandTrek SJ6: The SJ6 is capable of performing better on sticky and wet surfaces that are common in winters. It is a model intended for premium-segment vehicles. The GrandTrek range now has a complete range of tyres meant to combat the cold in these Isles.

  • GrandTrek ST20: The ST20 is original equipment–grade wheel that many car manufacturers offer as standard fitments. It can also pass for an all-season tyre thanks to its unique tread design.

Buy Dunlop tyres at Longton

Harvey Tyres offers you the best Dunlop wheels at attractive discounts and offers. We also sell tyres online. Contact us for more details.

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