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Continental Tyres

At Harvey Tyres, we stock an exclusive collection of Continental tyres for all purposes and seasons. Continental is a renowned German tyre manufacturer that has been in business for over a century. It is one of the Big Four of the tyre industry and has dominated it for a long time with their superior products.

We recommend Continental tyres to everyone looking for a balanced, durable tyre within a reasonable budget. We have an extensive collection of such tyres at our workshop, which you can browse through when you visit our workshop or buy Continental tyres online.

Continental and its on-going popularity

Continental car tyres in Longton have enjoyed unbridled reputation for a long time. Here are some categories of Continental tyres you’ll find at our garage.

Summer category

Continental summer tyres are some of the most in-demand tyres at our garage. These tyres have shallow tread depth with wide shoulder blocks to disperse heat from the tyre surface. Continental summer tyres are exceptionally durable and last well over 5 years with proper usage.

Popular models:

  • SportContact 6
  • ContiEcoContact EP
  • CrossContact UHP

Winter category

Continental winter tyres are diametrically opposite from their summer counterparts. These tyres are made from a softer rubber compound with deep grooves. The most defining feature of these Continental car tyres in Longton is the presence of countless sipes which help grip the snow better.

Popular models:

  • WinterContact SI
  • ContiWinterContact TS790
  • VancoWinter 2

All-season category

All-season tyres can be used in both summers and winters provided that the weather condition is not too extreme. These tyres combine the features of the other two categories in a way that they offer acceptable performance throughout the year.

Popular models:

  • ExtremeContact DWS
  • ContiProContact
  • ProContact GX

Run-flat tyres

Harvey Tyres also has one of the largest collections of run-flat tyres from Continental. These tyres let you drive for about 50 miles even when they are punctured. It allows you the convenience of driving your car back home or a garage where you can fix the problem.

Popular models:

  • ContiProContact SSR
  • 4x4 Contact SSR

Continental at the best prices

Harvey Tyres in Longton is house to one of the largest collections of Continental tyres around. You may visit our store to get a first-hand experience of these tyres. Our experts will be happy to guide you through the entire process. Or, you may buy Continental tyres online from our website.

Happy shopping!

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