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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?

In the United Kingdom, people generally use 2 sets of tyres each year: summer
and winter tyres. Of these, winter tyres are used in the coldest months and have their unique tread and traction capabilities to navigate over ice, snow, mud and sleet. Summer tyres are used more widely and over more extended periods. At Harvey Tyres in Langton, we have an excellent range of summer tyres at our disposal for you to choose from.

Almost all tyre titans manufacture summer wheels. Each of them markets their wares differently. Some lay emphasis on performance, others on fuel economy,
yet other companies position summer wheels as the most reliable options for cars.

At our facility, you can buy your next set of summer car tyres in Langton from the largest range you will find around.

What are summer wheels?

Summer wheels are a special type of tyres designed for speed, performance, acceleration and manoeuvrability. These tyres have a harder rubber compound that goes into their manufacture which lends them their characteristic traits. Drivers in the UK use these wheels whenever the mercury inches past the 7°C mark.

Given their immense popularity, the median summer tyres price in Langton is on the rise. At Harvey Tyres, however, we try and deliver these models to you at the best possible prices and with original manufacturers’ warranties.

Such wheels are suited for high-performance and 4x4 vehicles too. Due to their innate capability for high-performance, such wheels are the basis for the most competitive tyres.

How are summer tyres different?

When compared to winter or all-season models, summer car tyres in Langton are markedly different. Here are 3 areas where they differ.

Unlike winter wheels, summer tyres’ harder rubber construct does not harden when it comes in contact with the surface, even after extensive usage. That makes them easier to control and more economical in the long run.

Such wheels have better-aquaplaning abilities. These tyres are crafted to conquer wet and slick roads too.

Summer tyres are your best bet if you want speed and faster acceleration.

Most popular summer tyres in the UK

These British Isles are one of the largest consumers of summer models. Harvey Tyres is an authorised retailer of major manufacturers, and these are the best-selling models.

Continental PremiumContact 6: Continental sells large numbers of their PremiumContact models every year. It is an innovative summer wheel with large treads and excellent braking capacity. These wheels also last for many years.

Dunlop SportMaxx RT2: Up next is the SportMaxx RT2, designed for better handling and traction. Most premium cars come with this model as OE, and Dunlop now has a significant share of the premium crust.

Uniroyal Rainsport 3: The Uniroyal round off this list with their latest model, which offers spectacular performance and superior aquaplaning resistance.

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