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Michelin, with revenue of around €20 billion, is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Manufacturing tyres since 1889, the company initially produced bicycle tyres. Later, they introduced the first removable pneumatic tyre and also run-flat tyre.

Michelin tyres have made headlines in MotoGP and Formula One. These tyres have been one of the most critically acclaimed owing to their design, material, and structure.

Hence, there is a massive demand for Michelin car tyres in Longton. And for that, we at Harvey Tyres are your number one choice. At our store, you can find almost all tyres from this brand, irrespective of the type.

Some of the Michelin tyres that we recommend include:

1. Primacy 4

The Primacy 4 is the newest entrant to the family of summer Michelin tyres online in Longton.

Some of its features include:

  • High-performance rubber compound

You get exceptional braking performance even when this tyre is worn thanks to its high-performance rubber compound.

  • Optimised structure

The optimised structure of the Primacy 4 has 22% more tread spreads compared to other tyres for evacuating water. Thus, it reduces aquaplaning drastically.

Lastly, the Primacy 4 comes with an innovative treadwear that can tell you when this tyre needs changing.

2. Pilot Sport 4

The Pilot Sport 4 is another one of the summer the Michelin car tyres in Longton which has won accolades from Auto Bild and Sport Auto.

Some of its features include:

  • Dynamic Response Technology

You get more steering response from your vehicle owing to the Dynamic Response Technology of this tyre that combines Nylon and Aramid.

  • Innovative material

One reason why we at Harvey Tyres in Longton recommend this tyre is its hydrophobic Silica and functional elastomers. This innovative material ensures effective wet braking and grip.

Lastly, the Pilot Sport 4 has an ultra-reactive tread pattern that continuously adapts to road conditions for a more comfortable drive on Longton roads.

3. Pilot Alpin 5

The Pilot Alpin 5 is a winter tyre and the newest member in our range of Michelin car tyres in Longton.

It features include:

  • Innovative under-tread compound

The new and innovative under-tread compound of this tyre reduces rolling resistance. Thus, you get more fuel economy from your vehicle.

  • Directional tread pattern

We recommend this tyre owing to the directional tread pattern that delivers optimal performance over dry, wet, and snowy road conditions.

Lastly, the latest generation tread compound of the Pilot Alpin 5 gives reduces aquaplaning on wet roads.

Why buy from us?

Harvey Tyres in Longton has more to offer to than the above. Visit us to check out the extensive range of Michelin car tyres in Longton. We also have a large collection of tyres from other brands.

Our store assistants will help you pick the right set of tyres that suit your needs and your vehicle.

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