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Radar Tyres

Harvey tyres proudly present to you our exclusive range of collection of tyres from one of the most promising brands RADAR TYRES.

Being the first flagship brand of Omni United, it was launched in the year 2006 and stands out uniquely in its domain.

Being one of the most reliable brands, it complies with all the international standards like ISO, DOT, ECE, GCC, CCC and INMETRO. Following the European standards, they even use PAH free oils in their compounds.


  • Uses the latest technology, materials, machines and equipment and manufacturing and production methods.
  • Designed by a team of robust technicians in Singapore.
  • Launched a corporate alliance program, MobilizingHope campaign, to spread awareness and gather funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation or BCRF.
  • Generated a total amount exceeding USD 1.1 million and facilitated over 22,000 research hours to support the mission of BCRF.
  • Declared as world’s 1st Carbon Neutral Tire by EY in 2013 and continues to maintain that certification till date.
  • Has a collection of more than 1200 SKUs which come in over 35 different patterns.


1. DIMAX R8+

  • Ultra high-performance summer tyre.
  • Perfect mixture of impeccable wet and dry traction, accurate handling and comfort.
  • Comes with four broad longitudinal grooves.
  • Tread design is asymmetric and has a tread compound made up of advanced silica.
  • Exceptional performance at high speed.
  • Optimized tread pitch sequence.


  • Touring tyre that comes under the category of summer tyres.
  • Best suited for compact and mid-sized cars and SUVs.
  • Excellent steering response.
  • High fuel performance.
  • Asymmetric touring tread pattern.
  • Uniquely made tread compound.


  • All season touring tyre.
  • Silica-based tread compound that offers unbeatable handling at all times.
  • Uniquely crafted tread design made with the best compound.
  • Exceptional traction in the dry and wet condition that offer optimal performance all-year round.
  • Makes sure of uniform tyre-wear and prolonged lifespan.


  • Winter tyre made for the modern high-end premium vehicle.
  • Winter tread compound is filled with advanced silica that offers higher tyre flexibility even in extremely low temperatures which allow the tread a better grip in the damp and wet conditions.
  • Safety in all winter conditions.
  • Comes with high-density sipes and lateral grooves that cater to the needs of water clearance and aqua planning.

We, at Harvey tyres, stock all the models of Summer tyres, Winter tyres, All-Season tyres, All weather and Classic tyres, both in PLT and TBR category from Radar Tyres.

It is one of the most promising brands that cater to all your needs for different types of reliable tyres.

Visit our online tyre store to pick a tyre of your choice at the most affordable prices!

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