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Are you looking for Tyre Fitting for your vehicle?

After you have bought your favourite set of tyres from our workshop, the next course of action is to mount them with perfection. That is what we do at Harvey Tyres in Longton. Tyre fitting is one of our primary services that we perform with a watchmaker’s precision.

Improper tyre fitting is a leading cause behind wheel and tyre damage. It has some severe safety implications as well.

Even if you buy the most premium tyres, you won’t receive satisfactory performance if they are not fit correctly. DIY tyre fitting might have been a practical idea at some point in time, but modern cars and their tyres are much more complex and require a professional tyre fitting garage in Longton.

Why proper tyre fitting matters?

Even if one of the four tyres of your car is not fitted correctly, you’ll face many negative consequences. It is not only unfavourable for the condition of your car tyres but also unsafe to ride on.

Here are some disadvantages that you may face with improper tyre fitting in Longton.

  • Professional tyre fitting ensures that the outer edge of the tyre sits perfectly on the rim beads. If they do not, the tyres might get detached from the wheels on forceful impacts.
  • The tyre will wear out rapidly and unevenly.
  • It will also have a negative impact on wheel alignment. Tyre balance may also get distorted.
  • Your car will start guzzling more fuel as it’ll put pressure on the engine. Suspension parts might also get damaged.
  • It must be abundantly clear by now how important proper tyre fitting is for the performance of any car. Bring it to our professional tyre fitting garage in Longton and leave it to the experts.

Expert tyre fitting service within your budget

As a leading automotive service provider and parts retailers, Harvey Tyres takes tyre fitting very seriously. We know that buying the best set of tyres is only half the job done. The other half is mounting it correctly.

As such, we use cutting edge machinery to perform tyre fitting in Longton. Our in-house technicians go through regular training sessions to stay abreast of the changes happening in the sector.

Moreover, our tyre fitting service is easy on the pockets. We offer a special rate for those who buy a set of tyres from our workshop.

What are you still waiting for? Call Harvey Tyres in Longton today!

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