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Nexen, the iconic South Korean tyre manufacturer, has recently acquired a significant piece of the much-coveted pie of the British premium tyre segment. The UK remains one of the largest tyre markets in the entire world, and the battle to conquer it is a very fiercely fought one. But Nexen seems to have 2 aces up its sleeved- excellent quality and a continuous R&D-driven innovation.

At Harvey Tyres, we specialise in retailing Nexen car tyres in Longton. Their products are easily amongst the best-sellers in this region. Nexen has been manufacturing tyres since 1942 and has a wide range of products. Their expertise is evident from the number of patents they hold.

If you are looking forward to buying the best models from the house of Nexen in Longton, contact our representatives at once.

Nexen’s most popular tyres in the UK

The British consumer market loves Nexen’s summer, winter and all-season models, not to mention their UHP tyres. Nexen has made a name for itself in the UHP category and we also sell these high-yield Nexen tyres online.

Based on a market survey by our facility and our own sales figures, these are Nexen’s most popular tyres in the United Kingdom.

For summers

Nexen summer tyres have better accelerating capabilities than many competitors. 2 of their most popular products in this category are:

  • Nexen NFera SUR4G: The SUR4G is the latest member of Nexen’s popular NFera family. This tyre has significantly lower sound emission levels, better aquaplaning abilities, lower rolling resistance and are slightly more inexpensive when compared to many rival brands. It is rated as one of the best Nexen car tyres in Longton at our facility by our experts.
  • NFera SU1: It is a special summer model for SUVs and high-performance vehicles. Since 4x4 vehicles require tyres capable of producing extreme acceleration, Nexen has dished out an excellent model with all-around abilities. The SU1 has been one of their mainstays for over 2 years now.

For winters

The South Korean major has a number of winter-specific models in their arsenal too. Their most popular products in this category are:

1. WinGuard Sport 2: This is a fine specimen so far as winter tyres for SUVs are concerned. It has broad and asymmetric treads and a pronounced shoulder design. It also weighs less than many comparable models. WinGuard Sport 2 is one of their most talked-about models. We sell these Nexen tyres online as well.

2. WinGuard ICE: The WinGuard ICE is Nexen’s latest winter tyre and acts as a bridge between the models for SUVs and the slightly cheaper ones. The ICE is excellent at handling winter roads and has class-leading traction abilities.

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