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Harvey Tyres takes pride in selling only the best quality products. Our customers never leave dissatisfied with the tyres that they fit upon suggestion by our experts. We sell Bridgestone tyres in our garage for a particular reason; they are arguably the best tyre manufacturer in the world.

Even if they are not, Bridgestone is the world’s largest tyre manufacturer, so it can never go wrong with a set of Bridgestone car tyres in Longton for your car!

Number speaks volumes

  • The company houses around 180 manufacturing plants and research & development centres all across the globe.
  • They sell tyres across 150+ countries.
  • Bridgestone's net sales exceed above £26 million per year.

Founded in 1931, the company boasts decades of experience in tyre manufacturing and technology. With their production facilities in more than 24 countries across the world, they are the forerunners in the business.

Bridgestone tyres that we sell in our garage

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are optimised to deliver high traction, a necessary feature to maintain safety in ice and snow. Snow, sleet and black ice make the tarmac treacherous with significant loss of traction. So, experts of Harvey Tyres in Longton recommend winter tyres from November to February.

Additionally, rubber tends to harden in frigid winter temperatures. Winter tyres comprise of a higher percentage of natural rubber in their treads, that renders them lasting flexibility. Therefore, even when the mercury dips in Longton, you can count on these tyres to safely carry you to your destination.


  • 3D sipe design balances pattern stiffness without reducing tyre flexibility.
  • Slanted grooves with high void space to enable snow-on-snow compaction, thereby generating more traction.
  • Rounded shoulder edges with tapered horn lugs, promptly clear away water from the contact patch area. Thus these are the best Bridgestone car tyres in Longton to navigate through wintry roads.
  • Nano Pro-Tech polymers result in a tread that is resistant to excess erosion all the while maintaining high levels of pliability one cold temperatures.
  • Summer tyres

Driving with summer tyres from March to September allows you to utilise your car’s full capability. These tyres are geared for quick steering response and efficient handling. With their harder rubber compound, they resist heat much better in hot tarmac.


  • Presence of angled slots in the shoulder area, along with the optimised distribution of void enables quick evacuation of water.
  • Steel and stiff polyester reinforcement impart these tyres with low rolling resistance. Thus, these all-season tyres are one of the most popular Bridgestone car tyres in Longton, for car owners who prioritise fuel economy.

Additionally, we also all-season tyres. These are suitable only for places that have equable temperatures.

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We sell only the best quality tyres. Customers can now buy Bridgestone tyres online from our web store.

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