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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Harvey Tyres is the go-to garage for wheel balancing in Longton and the areas surrounding it. We have gained the trust of thousands of motorists of this region with our efficient and affordable services. Our wheel alignment wing is equipped with all modern equipment handled by some of the most experienced technicians in the business.

Most people are unaware of the implications of wheel imbalance and tend not to take this issue seriously enough. However, it’s a severe issue that affects many vital aspects of a car. If you do not take remedial measures immediately, it’ll have ill consequences for your driving comfort as well as many critical components of your vehicle.

What is wheel balance and why does it matter?

Wheel balance refers to the uniform distribution of mass throughout a tyre’s body. A new tyre is perfectly balanced, which means that the entire mass of the tyre is spread uniformly throughout its body.

Over time, this uniform weight distribution gets skewed due to the on-road impacts. It results in the concentration of mass at specific points on the tyre’s body. Ultimately, the tyre develops multiple heavy and light spots. A professional wheel balancing in Longton is required at this point.

  • There are many ill effects of wheel imbalance on a car. These include:
  • Incessant vibrations which increase with speed
  • Negative impact on the fuel economy of your vehicle
  • Patchy tread wear, which increases the risk of puncture and blowouts
  • Premature loss of inflation pressure

These are some of the primary side-effects of wheel imbalance. Take your car to a reliable wheel balancing garage in Longton whenever you suspect that your tyres are out of balance.

The general rule of thumb is to get it checked every 6 months along with the wheel alignment of your car.

You must also make it a point to check the wheel balance whenever you buy a new tyre. In rare cases, some new tyres can be misbalanced and hence, defective.

Best wheel balancing garage in Longton

Harvey Tyres in Longton is a trustworthy place where numerous motorists come for their wheel balancing regularly. Our technicians have adequate expertise and equipment to determine the points of imbalance and take countermeasures against them.

We also have an exclusive stock of tyres which you can buy from if the condition of your tyres is beyond repair. Come to our garage today for the most effective car services in Longton.

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